Inverell Shows Society

About Us

Our current President is Jodie Burtenshaw.  He is ably assisted by a team of 2 Vice Presidents, an Executive and the general membership of the Society who all get an active say in the running of events.  

Executive Committee

  • President: Jodie Burtenshaw
  • Vice President: Garry Brown, Jnr Vice President: BJ Walters
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Robyn Brown 0492954276
  • Hon. Treasurer: Rhonda Brabant

Honorary Life Members

G.D. Bendeich, J.S. Butler, *C. Colley, *B Ellis, Mrs J Gilroy, *G Hinchcliffe, D.C. Holder, *D McCosker, *G Mather, *K. Pay, *Mrs. M. Strahley, *K Strahley, *W. Tanner, R.J. Watson, P Grills, L. Mather, C Marshall,

S White, Ken Mason, *Don McBean, M Cox,  T Cox, Doug Barry, Noel Barry, *Bill Barry, B Turner, A Roberts, Jon Watts, Ken Baker. *EW Tomlinson, A Worgan, J Muggleton, C Strahle

[* These valuable members who have passed away served the show society for many years and their contribution will always be remembered.]


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